Why choose Easy Slot Booking for visa appointments.

Some of the Best features ES Booking offers.

Error handling While Booking.

ES Booking Extension takes care of all the errors popups up while booking the slot, especially on bulk release.

Book appointment date of your choice

You can configure the dates of your choice in the ES Booking Extension. While running the Extension, it will only book the dates and consulates you prefer.

Time Saver

The Combination of real-time alerts and the ES Booking extension can save you a lot of time that you might be wasting on random public Telegram Groups.

Customer Support

Premium users will get Private discussion channels for all their queries, tricks, and tips for booking an appointment.

Trusted by Thousands

ES Booking is the first-ever real-time alert service started in 2020 and helped many users book their visa appointments. Our Chrome extension has 5 Star reviews from all over the world.

Protect you from lockout for 72 Hours

If you reach the maximum limit error after checking more than eight times a day, the calendar page will lead you to a frozen account. Our Extension will protect you from blocking the account for 72 hours. While running, if the bot sees you are reaching the maximum limit, it will automatically log you out from the account.

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