How to Book visa appointments Using Easy Slot booking?

How to get USA visa appointment?

Now never miss the single slot with Easy Slot Booking. Getting a visa is always tiresome and problematic, especially when getting a US visa. It’s tough to get dates as per your choice; sometimes, you can get blocked with multiple logins. But if you want visa booking quickly, you’ve come to the right place!

With chrome extension and Alerts, it becomes easier! Users can look over available dates using telegram and the chrome extension surveys errors, if any, during slot booking. The complete process is done correctly with fast booking.

You must follow the telegram channel and log in to the portal to get a slot as per your choice. One can download the ES booking Chrome Extension now!

Things to follow

  • Install ES Chrome Extension
  • Setup the extension based on your preferred dates and location
  • Install and follow our Telegram Channel for alerts