How Easy Slot Booking will help me with Visa Slot Booking?

Easy Slot Booking helps you by keeping track of real-time alerts on visa slots with the help of the chrome extension. We make the booking process quick and easy. In addition, the telegram channel will provide support and alerts about the latest slots so that you can book them fast. Timing is the key to booking a visa slot.

How secure is the chrome extension?

We do not keep any sensitive data of our users on our servers. And our Chrome extension goes through an extensive approval process by Google, every time we update to a newer version.

What are real-time alert channels?

These channels will keep you posted on the latest slots available as soon as they hit the visa slot booking website. You can monitor these alerts on the Easy Slot Booking portal.

How to get premium services?

You can contact us on Telegram, or complete the Form, with a payment screenshot. We will add you to the channels within 24 hours of the submission.

What are things included in premium service?

With premium, you will get real-time alerts of slots and all the premium versions of the chrome extension.

What’s the validity of the premium service?

The premium version will be valid till your subscription ends, and the real-time alerts access will stay valid for two months.

What is the community edition?

You will get slot alerts after thirty minutes of waiting time. You need to check slots at least once a day to keep access to our channels.

How can I trust this?

We have a social media presence, and this product has been working for the past three years from now. No one has had an issue with the service we provide. Also, the chrome extension is hosted on the Google platform, which has to go through lots of verification and review.

Can I install a chrome extension on my mobile?

We might build one for firefox and safari in the future. You can now check the alerts on mobile, but you must use our extension via desktop.

Why do I need to pay?

We do not sell your data to third-party services. So, we depend upon the support of our premium users to keep this platform running.

Do you book slots?

We will find you the best slots but you would have to book them yourself. We advise against using agents to do this.

How do I read the Telegram alerts?

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We use a standard format that goes something like this.

  1. Consulate Location.
  2. Visa Type.
  3. Interview date: MM YYYY: DD
  4. Slot count.
  5. A green tick means these slots are verified to be present.
  6. Biometric consulate location.
  7. Three lines of available dates across three months.

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