About Us

We took a small step.

Going abroad by itself is a tedious process, be it for a business trip, higher education or just to travel. The uncertainty of getting your visa is an added stress amongst other aspects of it like planning the itinerary, packing, looking for a place, etc. For visa appointments, the consulate releases the bulk slots which go by in minutes. You cannot check for appointments too many times as you may get blocked but if you don’t check enough, you might not get the slot that you want.

Such a situation is faced by over 6.5 million users every year Whether you will get a slot or not is mostly based on luck. We decided to take luck out of the equation. Easy Slot Booking started in 2020 to help people get their visa appointments without much hassle in the way. Along the way have helped hundreds of thousands of users, and processed more than 50 million requests to book visa slots effortlessly. While doing this we have maintained a pristine 5 star rating in Chrome Web Store. We love what we do and have helped our users get to where they want effortlessly. We hope to make our services available to more countries and people as time passes.

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