How Easy slot Booking will help me for visa slot booking?

Easy slot booking is a combination of chrome extension and real-time alerts. Chrome extension will make the booking process automatic, and the extension is fast enough for you to book the slot as soon as it's available.

The Telegram channel will give real-time alerts about the available slots. Following the alerts, you can use the chrome extension as quickly as you get the alerts will lead you to a slot. Timing is the key to booking a VISA slot.

How safe is the easy slot booking chrome extension is?

Our chrome extension has to go through google review every time we upload a new version update. It's a google chrome approval and doesn't collect any credentials from the users.

What are real-time alerts channels?

Real-time alerts channels will give you alerts of available slots as soon as our BOT detects the slot without any delay. You can monitor the alert on the EasySlotBooking portal as well.

How to get access to premium service?

You can contact the admin on telegram https://t.me/EasySlotBookingBot, or complete the google form https://forms.gle/NqnRFWBgrA7eP2eQ9, with a payment screenshot. I will add you to the channels within 24 hours of the submission.

What are things included in premium service?

With premium, you will get real-time alerts of slots and all the premium versions of the chrome extension.

How long is the validity of premium service?

The Premium version of the chrome extension is lifetime, and the real-time alerts access is for 3 months.

What is the community edition?

Community Edition will give you alerts after 3 minutes of waiting, and to keep in the Community Edition, you have to use our easy slot booking chrome extension. If you don't check the slots every day, your access to the channels will be suspended.

How can I trust this?

We have a social media presence, and this product has been working for the past three years from now. No one has had an issue with the service we provide. Also, the chrome extension is hosted on the Google platform, which has to go through lots of verification and review.

Can I install a chrome extension on my mobile?

Chrome extensions are not supported on the mobile version for now. We might build a firefox extension, which can work on a mobile browser, but it's on our bucket list.

Why pay for premium service?

We don't collect user-sensitive data, nor do we sell it to 3rd party. To keep this platform running, we need money. All the server and development costs are too high. This is the only source we make money and stay alive.

Do we book slots?

No, we don't. We also suggest you not go through agents. Use this platform intelligently and log in whenever needed.

How to read the Telegram BOT alerts?

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